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FTW Ecom Provides Expert, Full-Service Support to Amazon Sellers

We Build, Manage & Scale Sustainable and Profitable Amazon Businesses.

Global Ecommerce Sales are Expected to hit $7.3 Trillion Dollars by 2025.

Become part of an exclusive community of Amazon sellers working with an elite team of Amazon experts to manage and scale their Amazon business.

Our seasoned team of Amazon professionals will manage all aspects of your store from inventory procurement, catalog management and listing optimization while you relax and enjoy a consistent, hands-free income flow.


Reducing Stress and Increasing Profitability on Amazon.


Top-performing Amazon FBA stores can produce over $100K in sales revenue every month yielding a consistent cash-flow business while building a sustainable, appreciating asset. This success is possible with the right product mix, the right messaging and an optimized listing and advertising strategy.

We provide sellers with complete store management. You provide the capital and we provide the expertise, managing every aspect from launch, operating and scaling your Amazon Store.

Full Service Account Management


  • Product Research
  • Inventory Procument
  • Inventory Mgmt


  • Build Listings
  • Buy Box
  • Repricing


  • Inventory Prep
  • Ship to Amazon
  • FBA/FBM Mgmt


  • Order Processing
  • Tracking
  • Returns/Claims


  • Customer Reviews
  • FAQ’s


What to Expect


Month 1

If you are just beginning your Amazon journey, our team of experts can provide insights on what to expect as an Amazon seller, along with guidance on setting up your Professional Seller Account on Amazon.  Establishing your Amazon Seller Account can take as many as  7 -15 days to complete the Amazon verification process.  If you already have an Amazon Selling account, our team will conduct a deep dive into your account history to understand your catalog and earlier performance metrics. The on-boarding process will be complete in the first 30 days. 

Month 2 – 6

As we move into phase two, we will leverage our network of wholesale suppliers and distributors to identify product opportunities. Every product  goes through our proprietary 12-step process to ensure product viability. If a product meets our rigorous testing, we negotiate price, work with you to place the order, list the product and develop the marketing strategy.  Product research and procurement are ongoing. You will receive bi-monthly reporting on KPI’s and have access to your Amazon Seller Dashboard

Month 7 Plus

We have found a rhythm in managing your store and working together in phase three. Your store will be generating a steady cash flow, while increasing month over month as we work to build your Amazon Store into an appreciating asset. Your available sales inventory will be growing each month.  We liken this phase to a Wash, Rinse, and Repeat process. We are focused on growing your store and your monthly cash flow.

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